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We live in the GOLDEN AGE of entrepreneurship. Everything that you need to become an payed Independent Artist is right under our noses. To Create a booming online business is right in front of us.

What we offer is a quick way to get that information in front of you. what we offer is the motivation, that you can do this.

What we offer you is way to build a strong network, and industry knowledge. Our job is to help navigate your brand to the masses using Online Marketing. Growing businesses and brands are using online marketing techniques to stay engaged with customers and supporters, and also learning trends using analytics to new ones. our team is design for you to gain organic leads to keep a long lasting relationship. 

What we offer for artists, is a full breakdown on what's needed for their online markets, and will be given resources while we assist them on their brands. 

What we offer for growing small businesses is a understanding on how to use online marketing and assistance of services that will help elevate more leads and profits.

You're MEGA, So what are you waiting for!


Mega Mass & Loud Boston Presents “ The Private Affair “

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This event is highlighting LOUD BOSTON's growing business in clothing, event catering, and cannabis products. 

This event will be hosted by Majic & Tank from Mega Mass Mngmt 

Music will be played by the legendary "DJ STIX" from The Mass Wave.


Our Approach

Let’s Work Together


Publicity Campaign services are one of the most popular offerings. We will give your music that extra adrenaline shot it needs to get attention on a scale you can only imagine. You can count on our team to handle your Public Awareness through playlist placements, social media advertisement, building your network, and many more aspects as well.

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Results You’ll Love

Our Marketing services are best-in-class, enabling your brand to grow and increase your audience and prospective fanbase. We begin by working with you to define your goals, then map out a clear plan to achieve them in a given timeline. This is what we live for: creating more success for you and your business than you ever thought was possible.

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We Do It Right ( Growing Businesses)

Our Creative Consulting services are top-tier. We begin by working with you to help build your strategy and goals. Step-by-step planning using your analytics to create more leads and prospects. Bringing new people to your brands and business!

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